Monday, February 12, 2007

Hasret Gültekin (R.I.P.)

For fourteen thousand years I have professed love.
In its madness I have found the name of Sidki
(the "faithful", an eighteenth century poet).
I have drunk of your wine and have known rapture.
I have taken part in the meeting of the forty saints,
but found myself oppressed.
From now on, I am numbered amongst the saved.
Often have I abandoned human kind.
I have been a nightingale in a rose-garden,
for which I once shed tears.

Hasret Gültekin


AmbroseBierce said...

Too bad, quicksharing has deleted everything here. Any chance for a re-up? Thanks anyway.

bedirtam said...

hi dear Henry... Hasret Gultekin is very important personality for me ...he was the best saz player of the world..and ı saw his picture here ...ı think you have his videos....if is it possible could you give me your msn or yahoo or facebook address...becauze ı wanna talk about his videos ...ı hope you reply to me soon ...sincerliy

: said...

Hello, I don't have any videos
only one more cassette.
This was a radiobroadcast of a concert.