Sunday, April 8, 2007

Jimi Hendrix-Royal Albert Hall soundcheck Feb.24 '69


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm... as one of the fella to helped bring this to public light (a long cool story!), I am dispointed it's gone to .mp3! Doesn't rapidshare offer .flac?

-TS (co-copyright owner of this material)

Anonymous said...

Sure it does,
maybe now people want the original release. But if I had possession of the source material I'ld rather publish this as a DVD-audio (24bit).This,arguable,best recorded show deserves the ultimate treat possible.
What's the story?

Anonymous said...

TS - are you are the performer, the person who originally recorded the work in question, or do you legally own the mastertapes of the work in question?

As this material has only ever appeared on illegally on bootleg, I'm guessing you're none of the above, thus NOT a copyright holder, or co-copyright holder of any description.

Being a bootlegger who happens to be the only person with a known COPY of the original tape, which I'm guessing in this case you were, does NOT make you a copyright holder.

And please, can we drop the FLAC snobbery and just be glad that fans are getting to hear these shows? If you're an audiophile presumably you'll already be moving in circles where such releases are available in FLAC, or SHN or whatever. It won't harm YOU if they're converted to an alternative format.

What an MP3 conversion DOES achieve, is to make 'ordinary' fans more aware of the music on a MUCH wider scale, which will quite possible serve to lead a number of those individuals down the audiophile route at a later stage. So stop being such a snob.

Henry's Archive said...

C'mon TS, we'ld like to hear more!(if there is any)
anybody want a repost of the RAH soundcheck?
Happy New Year,