Saturday, October 6, 2007


Anonymous said...

this looks great.. saw a great documentary on zappa today on bedroom media, doc section, fantastic, one of the most thorough i've ever seen, with an on-going interview with him as an older man, thanks mucho for this... zenwarrior

woody said...

Uau! I loved this bootleg, fantastic and with good sound.
Did you have the Part 1?

Best wishes,

Henry's Archive said...

1. Bamboozled by Love
2. Stevie's Spanking [DUB ROOM SPECIAL version]
3. Cocaine Decisions [different edit of the DUB ROOM SPECIAL version]
4. Nig Biz [DUB ROOM SPECIAL version]
5. Drowning Witch [listed as "The Drowning Witch"]
6. What's New in Baltimore? [not listed]
7. Moggio [not listed]
8. Easy Meat
9. The Mudd Club
10. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
11. Dumb All Over [part 1, not listed]
12. Dumb All Over [part 2, not listed]
13. Heavenly Bank Account
14. Suicide Chump
15. Jumbo, Go Away
16. "While I Tune My Guitar"
17. Zoot Allures
18. Clownz on Velvet [with Al DiMeola]
19 Strictly Genteel
20. This is My Story [Forrest/Levy]
21. Whipping Post [Allman] [reggae version]
22. Watermelon in Easter Hay