Wednesday, November 14, 2007

pw: Henry's Archive


art nouveau said...

Thank you for this beautiful piece, as well as all the other great Indian classical music on your very cool blog...

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and am enjoying all the great indian music. Thanks and Cheers!

goinsidemyhead said...

...Henry i just recently began exploring your amazing blog and i have to say i am amazed! This Irshad is my first download as well as my first experience with a .sit file and although a bit frustrating at first was well worth the effort. This is a beautiful morning raga, i believe, my favorite kind. Due to your great labor of love i have finally found a site that features not only beautiful spiritual trippy music but some pretty cool stuff from all made my day...

Anonymous said...

Henry, I'm very interested in the surbahar sound but just cannot deal with the file extension you propose. How to convert to a readable format?


Henry's Archive said...

I use Stuffit (free)Smith Micro Software (15.0Mb) to unzip(or .sit) or use Universal Extractor,works fine(and it's free).
MacPARdeLuxe for Mac.
This is a very rare recording.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'll try.
Yhank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Universal Extractor did it fine!
Beautiful piece. Thanks a lot!
Would you please post more surbahar recordings?
Thanks again!


RK said...

Wouldn’t call this a morning melody – if anything, it’s evening – it’s not at all a common music that Irshad has picked up. Though it’s an impressive recording, and I can’t think off hand of anything by his father that’s better than this.