Saturday, November 15, 2008

JH - 700916


Henry's Archive said...

DISC 1 - 1st Set
1 Gun - 3:01
2 Paint It Black medley - 15:30
3 Spill The Wine - 8:22
4 Mystery Train - 6:13
DISC 2 - 2nd Set
1 Gun - 7:40
2 Paint It Black medley - 15:37
3 Blues For Memphis Slim (incl.Mother Earth) * - 20:31
4 Tobacco Road * - 15:37
* featuring Jimi Hendrix
Audience recording
Master Cassette > wma > wav > flac
Digitally restored
This is the complete existing recording of Eric Burdon & War's concert at Ronnie Scott's Club in London september 16th, 1970.
The Show consisted of 2 sets. The taper however unfortunately only had a C-90 cassette, so he flipped the cassette over, and recorded the last part of the concert over the first, thereby forever losing the start of the recording.
Although lossy, as it's sourced from a wma-transfer of the master tape, this version of the recording is still vastly superior to other currently circulating versions. It's also considerably longer, and includes notably more music. The Old version clocked in at a little under 42 minutes. Here's that - plus an additional 50+ minutes (!). As for the 2 tracks that feature Hendrix, "Blues For Memphis Slim" (incl."Mother Earth") is now 8 minutes longer than before, and "Tobacco Road" is more than 9 minutes longer. Apart from a few (presumably) minor cuts, this recording features Hendrix's last public performance in it entirety. Untill a lossless version of the master tape becomes available, this will stand as the definitive document of that event.

gkapageridis said...

The way i see it Henry this was surely a nery dynamite show as Frank Zappa would have said. A million thanks and more once more to your great blog.