Monday, December 1, 2008

VU - Dispatches from the Dream Factory

Part1 Part2 Part3
PW: Henry's Archive


Thomas said...

Thanks a lot, but the link to part 1 isn't working

Henry's Archive said...

I was busy uploading, now it's working

wm said...

Looks great but I can't seem to unarchive the files...any ideas?


Henry's Archive said...

use the password:
Henry's Archive
(just copy & paste)

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Many thanks for this, got some of it elsewhere but it looks like a really good compilation. Also thanks for Warhol Museum too.

Tyler W said...

hey -- looks like i missed this one - any chance of re-uploading it? also, you might be interested in my new blog: a bunch of bootleg-type things from my collection. no VU yet, but it's coming!

Stan M said...

Missed this too, could you please consider reuploading? Thanks in advance!

Bimble said...

Please to reupload this. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

MG Says:

What Bimble said.

marcos said...

Please reup!!

Henry's Archive said...

I tried thru Mediafire but failed.

Stan M said...

Thanks! You rule!

Gerard said...

Yeah, that'd be really great!

Henry's Archive said...

megaupload failed too,
dunno what's going on
in the meantime you can listen to this (excerpt):

Henry's Archive said...

new link for part1

Anonymous said...


Any chance of re-posting 2 and 3?


: said...

Still having problems uploading,
mail isn't working properly
this may take some time, I guess.
I will reup this in due time,

Anonymous said...

Any chance of reposting #3 at some point? The link to #1 still works and #2 is fairly easily found with a bit of googling, but I haven't been able to locate a copy of #3 anywhere.


~ an anonymous radio dj who enjoys broadcasting/sharing/spreading interesting material ~

PS - ...and just for the hell of it, here are a few other VU items on my holiday wish list:

The complete "1966.11.04 - Valleydale Ballroom - 2006 remaster" (every version I've found omits both "Melody Laughter" tracks)

"At the Warhol Museum, 1966-01-03" in flac

"The EPI Tours the Midwest, Nov 3-7 1966" in flac

"Ultra Rare Trax (4 cds)" in flac