Sunday, February 8, 2009

NB - '75 #2


MD said...

where do you get these photos?!?!
would love to have them to put up on my wall :)

Henry's Archive said...

nice one eh, this photo is from:
Nikhil Banerjee - The Genius, Live Concert Series IV - Front
The music is not from this release.
Gaps restored and a little Ozone mastering did wonders for this great boot (thanks to J.B.)

MD said...

the audio file seems to be corrupt
i have other .m4a files which play properly...
does it work on your end?

Henry's Archive said...

It plays perfectly(Apple Lossless,44.1Khz,295.66MB,45'.34")
Sometimes the ZIP file gets corrupted, try redownload.
Let me know if you keep having this problem.

Rumendd said...

Hi Henry, ihave the same problem - cannot open after unzipping. I've downloaded it twice.

Henry's Archive said...

Something went wrong allright, here's a new upload (m4a, no PW).
Sorry for the troubles, enjoy

rumendd said...

Tnx a lot, Henry,It works properly now under KMP player for Win