Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Canned Heat - August 30, 1969

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goinsidemyhead said...

the first Canned Heat record was 1 out of 12 lps I bought the first I ordered records through the Columbia Record Club. I had no idea who they were or sounded like. I first equated them with The Mothers of Invention and Fugs and the darker side of teen music as it was refereed to in magazines.They seemed authentic but I had trouble at first with the music. And then Henry Vestine kicked in finally and I was floored. The first Canned Heat album had some great performances by some very talented and troubled musicians especially Al Blind Owl Wilson but Henri Vestine's guitar playing on the incredible The Story of My Life changed how I heard blues guitar. That track blew my mind because Henry's playing was as perfect as any Clapton,Beck, Gallagher or Page blues based guitar solo out there.Every other Canned Heat album after always had something worth while and was included on many of my mix cassettes. When Harvey Mandel joined the band, he had a massive influence with that thick precise super distorted guitar sound that he had, it stuck out of every song. I have never heard these live recordings but I have heard others and as long as they don't get too blasted they can sound pretty good!