Monday, November 1, 2010

NB - A.I.R.

PW: Henry's Archive


Anonymous said...

Thank you for eveything.
:*:Infinite Love:*:

XYZ said...

Hi Henry,

Sorry that my request is here in no connection to India music. Do you have Grateful Dead in Washington 1986-7-7 with good sound quality and maybe with covers?

: said...

I don't have that one.
I have 49Gb of The Dead ('66-'79)in Mp3(vbr) format.

Anonymous said...

hi henry, as soon as i saw this i remembered you, i dont know if you have this, baba allaudin khans 4 cd AIR archival release.

Anonymous said...

I - Baba's Sublime Sarod (1960)
1 Raag JaiJaiwanthi - Vilambit and Drut Gat
2 Raag Emni Bilawal - Vilambit and Drut Gat
3 Raag Gara - Vilambit and Drut Gat

II Baba in Moods (1959)
1 Raag Paraj Basant
2 Malhaar Ke Prakaar

III Baba's Enchantment
1 Raag Chhayanat Vilambit & Drut(1960)
2 Raag Puria Dhanushri Vilambit &Drut (1959)

IV - Baba's Genius (1960)
1 Raag Alhaiya Bilawal Vilambit & Drut
2 Raag Basant Vilambit & Drut

: said...