Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NB - Manj Khamaj(2x)

PW: Henry's Archive
mp4 (35'.44'')remastered


Dr.Saikat Chowdhury said...

Hi Henry,
I am indebted to u for the NB treasures.
u know what? I used to be his neighbor and my parents used to see n hear him in his balcony with his sitar and uncombed hair in a homely dress!!! I was too young to feel his greatness then!

God!What did I miss!

Anyways, I was just carried out with the mp4 one and fekt so sorry to find two interruptions at very emotional points.
can u pl post the complete and uninterrupted version of the mp4 file?
U have made me (and probably all of your fans) greedy by posting diamonds and pearls in ur blog.

Lots of love....U r an Angel!

Dr.Saikat Chowdhury

: said...

Yeah you did miss one of the greatest musicians ever (recorded so we have proof).
This is the complete(mp4) version(thanks again J.B.) and the interruption at 30'.37" is probably due to end of tape of the original. I'm sorry but not all NB recordings are flawless.
Are you family of Subroto Roy?

Dr.Saikat Chowdhury said...

Dearest Henry,

Nice to hear from you.

I am not a family of Subroto Roy,
I was born n brought up in a G+13 residential complex 'S.I.R.P.A.' opposite his house.In between -there was a slender low land where recently a private hospital has been developed.
As he was not a showman,people outside the musical circle rarely knew about him in the locality.

Pl tell J.B. that blessings from all over the world is showering upon both of you every moment!

LOL Angels!

Dr.Saikat Chowdhury

: said...

I did a remaster of the
Manj Khamaj(35'.44''):


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