Saturday, November 28, 2009

HC - Rag Bhopali

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Kiran said...

thanks :))

Heavypsychmanblog said...

Hear new super talented Bansuri player Prasad Bhandarkar his Shivranjani is incredible, NB quality.

Still unknown but soon huge as Chauraisa mark my words

Sounds of enlightenment blog has a inoffical album of mp3's with him or check him out at Youtube

Bibhas said...

Thanks Henry. Is this from the same live concert whose excerpt you had posted many months ago? The concert with Jog and Bhopali?

: said...

yes, audience recording by myself.

Bibhas said...

Awesome! Thanks for recording it, it is indeed one of his best bhoopalis. Could you tell me the venue of the concert, was it in New Delhi by any chance? Also, if you have the Jog fro this concert, please post that when you can.

: said...

No not in Delhi but in the Netherlands.
I'ld like to do this again so the venue is kept secret(sorry) this might reveil my identity ;)

Bibhas said...

Fair enough. Look fwd to the rest of the concert. btw, did he just play Alap & Jor in Bhoopali or was there a gat too? The fact that there was Pakhawaj with Jor suggests he did not play a gat but I could be wrong.

: said...

It's the complete Bhopali as played.
stay tuned,

Anonymous said...

Henry, I am new to this. Can you please help me with the password for the file?


Omar said...

Dear Henry,

thanks a ton for this gem! It's beyond words; the recording quality is matchless!
Would you be so nice and upload also the Jog? May tell me who the Pakhawaj-player is?
Looking forward for the rest. Thanks once again for all your priceless efforts!

All the best


: said...

Manik Munde