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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great post and all the other Indian music you have posted. Do you have any other recordings of dilruba or esraj players, its so hard to find any recordings for these instruments.



: said...

You're right, Dilruba and Esraaj recordings are extremely hard to find(this in contrast to Sarangi).
They are more or less 'by products'of my search for good Sitar and Surbahar sangeet. But anyway I'll keep on diggin' and who knows what might come up next?

Anonymous said...

For those who (as me) only knew the dilruba on the recordings of Stephan Micus, you must year this!
Absolutely charming!
Many thanks


Anonymous said...

thank u for this

can u tell me if u have more dilruba?

where did u get this?

: said...

no more dilruba, searching though

Anthology of World Music: North Indian Classical Music
Artist Various Artists
Release Year 1998
Label Rounder
Genre Indian Classical Raga
Raga Ahir Bhairava: Alap
Raga Ahir Bhairava: Tala Dhamar
Raga Sujani Malhar: Khyal (Tala Ekatala and Tintala)
Raga Bhairavi: Thumri (Tala Dipachandi)
Raga Kaushi Kanada: Bhajana (Tala Rupaka)
Raga Adana-Vasanta: Tappa (Tala Khaharava)
Raga Mishra Khammaj: Tala Dipachandi (Sarangi)
Raga Vasanta: Jhampa Tala (Vina)
Chautala (Pakhawaj)
Tintala (Tabla)
Tala Dadra Tabla)
Raga Marva: Alap, Jog, Jhala (Sitar)
Raga Marva: Gat, Jhala (Tala Tintala) (Sitar)
Raga Miyanki Malhar: Tala Chautala (Surashringar and Surbahar)
Raga Todi: Tala Tintala (Vichitra Vina)
Raga Vasanta Mukhari: Tala Tintala (Sarod)
Raga Kalavati: Tala Tintala (Dilruba)
Raga Desh: Tala Jhampa Tala (Flute)
Raga Yaman: Tala Tintala (Shahnaï)

see also:


Anonymous said...

wonderful indian music!!! very interesting site... I try to download but I didn't find the password... I am pretty new with blog so please be patient and please give me an help thank you for this incredible music you are please to share with us

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right under the picture:
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