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Recorded by Andy Warhol just a week after the German actress Nico had arrived in America. This tape features what may have been the first musical collaboration between her and the Velvet Underground. The tapes feature many casual moments of unstructured jamming common to rock band rehearsals. Most of this material falls in line with what can be assumed to be influences of the key members; Older Blues, R&B, Rockabilly etc. However, there is one time on the tapes when either Lou Reed or Sterling Morrison can be heard playing the lead intro to "Day Tripper" by the Beatles. While this may seem like a standard today, it was a 4 month old song when the tape was made. On Track two, Lou Reed can be heard teaching lyrics to Nico while the rest of the band plays in the background. The lyrics are to the song "Venus In Furs." Track 11 features the whole band with Nico attempting to sing the song "There She Goes Again." They try several times to find a key that suits Nico's voice. Nico tries many times to vocalize lyrics that prove to be too fast for her broken English to master. These problems evidently were never solved, as the song appears on the first album with Lou Reed singing lead - not Nico.

Velvet Underground
At the Warhol Museum 1966-01-03 The Factory, New York City:
01.walk alone
02.venus in furs-crackin up
04.miss joanie lee tripper-boom boom boom boom
06.rockabilly instrumental
08 heroin
09.there she goes again onion
11.there she goes again
13.i'll keep it with mine
15.get it on time
16.i'll be your mirror
('excellent' recording 73'.10")

Disc One - So Blue

01. Leave Her For Me 02. So Blue 03. Why Don't You Smile 04. Sneaky Pete 05. Cycle Annie 06. I've Got A Tiger In My Tank 07. You're Driving Me Insane 08. Foggy Notion 09. Inside Your Heart 10. Ferryboat Bill 11. (Do) The Ostrich 12. I'm Sticking With You 13. Countess From Hong Kong 14. Ride Into The Sun 15. Real Good Time Together 16. I Found A Reason 17. Falling In Love With The Falling Spikes (Part 1) 18. It's All Right (The Way That You Live) 19. One Of These Days 20. I'm Not Too Sorry (Now That You're Gone) 21. Stephanie Says
1, 2 : Jades single, 1957 3 : All Night Workers, 1964 4, 11 : The Primitives, 1965 5, 6 : The Beachnuts, 1964 7 : The Roughnecks, 1964 8-10, 12, 19, 21 : rough mix demos, 1968-69 12-16 : acetate demos, late 1969 17 : listed here as Screentest 1965 but actually contains MGM Music Factory 1968 interview, Oh Sweet Nuthin' live from Philadelphia 1970, some great energetic live soundcheck instrumental that sounds like a speeded up Sister Ray mutation from Woodrose Ballroom, Springfield, 17/4/70, snippets from Warhol movies 18, 20 : Ludlow Street demos, early 1967.

Disc Two - So Blue

01. Sheltered Life (take #2) 02. Here She Comes Now 03. Andy's Chest 04. Rock 'n' Roll 05. She's My Best Friend 06. Loop 07. A Symphony Of Sound 08. Falling In Love With the Falling Spikes (part 2) 09. I'm Free 10. I Found A Reason 11. Walk and Talk It 12. Head Held High 13. Diaries, Notes & Sketches
1, 2 : Ludlow Street demos, early 1967 3-5 : rough mix demos, 1969 6 : Aspen flexi, December 1966 7 : film soundtrack, 1966 8 : includes Hedy film soundtrack and interview from Music Factory / 9-12 : Max's rehearsal, summer 1970 13 : listed here as soundtrack to Psychedelic Convention Mini Movie 1966 but sounds like a piece of Melody Laughter, actually from The Dom, March 1966.

Disc Three - Afterhours

01. Pale Blue Eyes 02. I Can't Stand It 03. Sister Ray 04. White Light/White Heat 05. I'm Waiting For The Man 06. Noise By The Velvet Underground (part 1) 07. Noise By The Velvet Underground (part 2) 08. Interview with Lou Reed
1, 2 : listed as Family Dog Oct 1969, actually from official 1969 Live set (PBE from End Of Cole Ave, 19/10/69; Can't Stand It from San Francisco, November, 1969) 3 : listed as previously unreleased version 1969, actually End Of Cole Ave 2nd Night version, 19/10/69 4, 5 : listed as unreleased version of a press promotion gig 1970, actually Max's Kansas City, 26/7/70 6, 7 : listed here as soundtrack to an Andy Warhol Movie, actually from the East Village Other Electric Newspaper with very little VU content in part 1 and no VU content in part 2 8 : KVAN radio, Portland, Oregon 1969.

Disc Four - Afterhours

01. There She Goes Again 02. The Black Angel's Death Song 03. European Son 04. European Son Afterthoughts 05. The Gift 06. What Goes On 07. Jesus 08. That's The Story Of My Life 09. After Hours 10. Afterthoughts 11. Velvet Underground Ad 12. Chelsea Girls 13. Walk On The Wild Side 14. Sweet Jane (3'40) 15. NY Conversation (4'11) 16. Wagon Wheel 17. Walk On The Wild Side 18. What Goes On/Follow the Leader/What Goes On Reprise 19. Candy Says 20. I'm Set Free
1-3 : mono mixes 4, 10 : excerpts of interview with Moe Tucker by Phil Milstein, MC Kostek, and Kate Messer 5 : mono mix 6-9 :alternate mixes 11 : radio ad for third LP 12 : Nico and guitarist performing for Brit TV program on Chelsea Hotel 13 : listed here as outtake with David Bowie 1972, not even close; sounds like different vocal over instrumental track, but Lou's voice and singing style sounds like it's long past 1972. It is really from june 7, 1983, Italian TV program from Verona with regular 'live in italy band', though for this track it's only Lou and Fernando Saunders singing live over studio track 14-16 : Robinson's apartment session, electric rehearsal, 1971 17, 18 : Robinson's apartment session, acoustic rehearsal, 1971 19, 20 : guitar amp tape, Boston Tea Party, 15/3/69.

Disc Five - VU a Paris

01. I'm Waiting For The Man 02. Wild Child 03. Berlin 04. Heroin 05. Tired and Hungry 06. Femme Fatale 07. I'll Be Your Mirror 08. The Black Angel's Death Song 09. Heroin 10. Forever Changed #1 11. Forever Changed #2 12. Forever Changed #3 13. Forever Changed #4 14. Nobody But You #1 15. Nobody But You #2 16. Nobody But You #3 17. Slip Away 18. Hello It's Me #1 19. Hello It's Me #2 20. Forever Changed #5 21. Forever Changed #6 22. Forever Changed #7 23. Forever Changed #8 24. Forever Changed #9 25. Heroin
1-8 : Bataclan, 29/1/72 (Tired And Hungry is actually Ghost Story 9: Bataclan rehearsal, 25/1/72 10-24 : Lou and John's soundcheck, Jouy-en-Josas, Fondation Cartier, Paris, 15/6/90 25 : Fondation Cartier, 15/6/90.
Notes: limited numbered edition of 1000. 20-page booklet with photographs and liner notes. "The ultimate rare collection includes soundtracks, demos, acetates, rehearsals, unreleased and more...".

Velvet Underground - 1993 - Searchin' For My Mainline (rarities)

101. Andy says/Venus In Furs/Heroin (4'46) - WNET TV, February 1966
102. Loop (excerpt) (1'08) - Aspen flexi-disc, 1966
103. Diaries, Notes & Sketches (3'53) - film soundtrack, 1966
104. A Symphony Of Sound (19'11) - film soundtrack, 1966
105. Heroin (5'16) - Poor Richard's, 6/23/66
106. Venus In Furs (3'27) - Poor Richard's, 6/23/66
107. Waiting For The Man (6'00) - La Cave, 10/2/68
108. White Light/White Heat (4'06) - Second Fret, 1/2/70
109. Foggy Notion (7'14) - Second Fret, 1/2/70
110. Beginning To See The Light (5'28) - Boston Tea Party, January 1969
111. Sister Ray (9'09) - Second Fret, 1/3/70
112. Heroin (6'27) - rehearsal, Paris 1/25/72

201. All Tomorrow's Parties (2'49) - Verve single, mono edit, 1966
202. Countess From Hong Kong (3'20) - acetate demos, late 1969
203. Ride Into The Sun (3'45) - acetate demos, late 1969
204. Real Good Time Together (2'35) - acetate demos, late 1969
205. I Found A Reason (3'16) - acetate demos, late 1969
206. What Goes On (11'10) - Hilltop Festival, 8/2/69
207. Run Run Run (7'43) - Hilltop Festival, 8/2/69
208. Candy Says (3'57) - Boston Tea Party, 3/13/69
209. Oh Jim (1'16) - Woodrose Ballroom, 4/17/70
210. I Can't Stand It (5'56) - Boston Tea Party, January 1969
211. Sister Ray (20'59) - Boston Tea Party, January 1969
212. Interview (5'47) - Lou Reed, KVAN Portland, Oregon, 1969
213. Waiting For The Man (3'43) - Lou Reed/Patti Smith, 5/4/77

301. Sweet Jane (7'56) - Second Fret, 1/2/70
302. Over You (3'09) - Second Fret, 1/2/70
303. Waiting For The Man (9'30) - Cale/Morrison, Arsenal show, TV3, Barcelona, 1984/86
304. Chelsea Girls (3'12) - Nico, BBC TV program, NYC, 1981
305. Heroin (8'17) - Lou Reed, Plaza Las Arenas, Barcelona, 6/19/80
306. Sister Ray/Leave Me Alone (17'14) - Lou Reed, Plaza Las Arenas, Barcelona, 6/19/80
307. Open House (4'29) - Reed/Cale, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 12/3/89
308. Pale Blue Eyes (4'11) - Tucker/Reed/Cale, Brooklyn Academy of Music, 12/3/89
309. Heroin (10'16) - Fondation Cartier, 6/15/90
310. Interviews (5'36) - Fondation Cartier, 6/15/90
311. Jesus (3'13) - Boston Tea Party, 3/15/69

For more info, please check out:

12x12 inch boxed set, hand-numbered limited edition of 500 copies, 200 more reissued in 1996. Includes extensive liner notes by Dr. Rawk and Michelle Yow, and a sticker. 16 added tracks compared with LP version, unfortunately the sound is overall inferior compare with the vinyl set.
Fierce Pup VU fanzine says: "The legendary Searchin' for my Mainline was issued in a 3 disc box. The vinyl edition of this set, which features all live tracks from '66 to '86, has long been out of print. It was touted by many as the definitive VU boot. Its re-emergence on CD allows fans the opportunity to own some of the wildest, live VU ever recorded and a few oddities. While digital technology improves on the quality of the original vinyl, we're still dealing with some lo-fi sources here so don't expect miracles. The CDs' extented recording time permits the addition of many tracks not on the vinyl edition, although there is a glaring omission: Moe and Jonathan's I'm Sticking With You."
Velvet Underground & Nico filmed by Andy Warhol in January 1966

Wonderful meditative music (at the beginning a cloud of noise, after 20 minutes it gets you and suddenly(after 70 minutes) the film is stopped by the police and you don't want to leave the cinema, because you got to have more of it). a miracle has happened, you can be sure. every one in the band is sitting and playing his instrument (nico and ari play the tambourine) and seem stoic. you don't have to shake your hips like todays music industry owned clowns to capture the audience. the secret formula is in the music not in the faces or bodies. this is a movie as document, not as black and white visual masterpiece, but it works out in the best way you can imagine. try to see and hear it, as soon as you can. on all people that have got something to do with owning the rights to this movie (after the last cd-releases of early john cales dream syndicate stuff and velvet underground live-performances), please publish this on dvd and you will be honored ...
VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO - April 1966 Scepter Studios (Norman Dolph Acetate)
This is a nice rip of the Velvet Underground original mix acetate found in nyc a few years back. Included with the trks is a txt file with the whole story that was on the ebay listing. Unfortunately the original auction was run up to a ridiculous price by bidders who just wanted some sort of bidding fame??!! The re listed auction ended up selling for $25,000 which is still a 'pretty penny.' Some of the alternate takes on this are really great, especially if your used to the original takes.
Highly recommended and Enjoy!

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Led Zeppelin


Captain Beefheart

Bat Chain Puller-Seam Crooked Sam-Harry Irene
A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets A Diamond
Brickbats-The Floppy Boot Stomp-Flavor Bud Living
Carson City-Odd Jobs
The Thousandth And Tenth Day Of The Human Totem Pole
The Witch Doctor Life-Candle Mambo #1-Candle Mambo #2
Run Paint Run Run-Suction Prints
When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy

thanks to the 'Radarstation'

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Budhaditya Mukherjee

Rag Jogkauns
A stunning live performance from 1989

Hasret Gültekin (R.I.P.)

For fourteen thousand years I have professed love.
In its madness I have found the name of Sidki
(the "faithful", an eighteenth century poet).
I have drunk of your wine and have known rapture.
I have taken part in the meeting of the forty saints,
but found myself oppressed.
From now on, I am numbered amongst the saved.
Often have I abandoned human kind.
I have been a nightingale in a rose-garden,
for which I once shed tears.

Hasret Gültekin

Parveen Sultana

Raag GurjariTodi

radio broadcast of the incredible 'Voice'

Ismail Hazar

A nice Turkish tearjerker from the early eighties:

The Genius of Vilayat Khan