Sunday, February 3, 2008


M said...

Henry Dude have you got Ustad Mohammad Omar - Virtuoso from Afghanistan album? Post it if you do or give a link to a blog that has it

Keep Up ya good work

Heavypsych dude

PS/ Afghan ragas are great too, hear Essa Kassimi. Thats just as good as Indian stuff.

Anonymous said...

Henry, Do you have any of Amjad Ali Khan's recordings? Thx, Sanjeev

: said...
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: said...

I found one video of Amjad Ali Khan, see post

M said...

I have a album called "Atma" by Amjad Ali Khan, might post it soon.

Quality Sarod stuff


2. Rag Bihag
3. Rag Jhinjhoti

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: said...

Amjad Ali Khan's @(copy & paste):

Unknown said...

I would like to find the artist name for "Live at the India Gate." Help!

Anonymous said...

I really don't have a clue,