Friday, May 16, 2008

Jimi Hendrix - KB Hallen, sept. 3rd 1970

PW: Henry's Archive

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Henry's Archive said...

(KB Hallen, Copenhagen 03.09.70 [Complete Show - Vibratory Stereo Effect mix (3 Sources)]; 71:18 / 23:13) Aud; 1st, 2nd & 5th Source synchronized
- Up until "Freedom" (26) there are 3 sources mixed: Source 1 left, Source 5 right and Source 2 in the middle. A lot of pitch corrections were done on source 1 and 5. No EQ or filters were applied. Since Source 5 ends with "Freedom" (26) the rest of the concert consists of the two remaining sources: Source 1 left and Source 2 on the right. The pre-"Red House" (79) part is remixed to omit source 2, leaving Source 1 and 2 left and right respectively. But Source 2 is still used to fill gaps. Some phasing occures at the very beginning of "Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)" (13), and also a few times throughout the merge, though very briefly. Also source 5 begins to stutter violently during "Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)" (13), followed by a gap, and then resumes and continues to stutter well into "All Along The Watchtower" (13). This is covered up with source 2 and by keeping source 5 lower in the mix until the 'stutter-part' is over. Source 2 is the most complete source and fills gaps from the original tapes left and right so there's some panning going on a few times.

- "Plug Your Ears" lists 5 available sources for the Copenhagen Concert: 1st Source: 90 min (Complete Show; 15 tracks) / 2nd Source: 92 min (Complete Show; 15 tracks) / 3rd Source: 50 min (First 6 tracks only; Tracks 3 & 6 incomplete) / 4th Source: 65 min (First 10 tracks only) / 5th Source: 50 min (First 9 tracks only). It's obvious that the 2 Complete sources on this set are PYE's 1st & 2nd Source. The incomplete source isn't PYE's 4th or 5th source, and it doesn't fit the description of the 3rd either, which suggests this is an unlisted 6th Source - or possibly an error in the PYE info.