Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NB Tübingen '75


Michael said...

Thanks for all the great Nikhil Banerjee recordings!

Sanjeev K Kulkarni said...

Do you have Manomanjari of Nikhilji.
There are three of them:1) Nikhil Banerjee and Mahapurush Misra live in Berkeley, 1968. 2) A studio recording made by Sonodisc in France included a brief 23 minute exposition of this raga (ESP 155530, 1976).It was his favorite LP. 3)Raga Records has also released a 1972 Amsterdam performance of Manomanjari accompanied by Zamir Ahmed Khan (Raga-212).

Henry's Archive said...

I found two more:
one that clocks 01:12:49 live, but very LoFi(maybe Indian radio?) and one 00:43:54 with a very nice alap.
I have no info on these whatsoever.