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VU-EPI 1966

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Velvet Underground - At the Warhol Museum 1966-01-03
Recorded by Andy Warhol just a week after the German actress Nico had arrived in America. This tape features what may have been the first musical collaboration between her and the Velvet Underground. The tapes feature many casual moments of unstructured jamming common to rock band rehearsals. Most of this material falls in line with what can be assumed to be influences of the key members; Older Blues, R&B, Rockabilly etc. However, there is one time on the tapes when either Lou Reed or Sterling Morrison can be heard playing the lead intro to "Day Tripper" by the Beatles. While this may seem like a standard today, it was a 4 month old song when the tape was made. On Track two, Lou Reed can be heard teaching lyrics to Nico while the rest of the band plays in the background. The lyrics are to the song "Venus In Furs." Track 11 features the whole band with Nico attempting to sing the song "There She Goes Again." They try several times to find a key that suits Nico's voice. Nico tries many times to vocalize lyrics that prove to be too fast for her broken English to master. These problems evidently were never solved, as the song appears on the first album with Lou Reed singing lead - not Nico.
Velvet Underground - At the Warhol Museum 1966-01-03 The Factory, New York City:
01.walk alone
02.venus in furs-crackin_up 03.instrumental
04.miss joanie lee tripper-boom boom boom boom 06.rockabilly instrumental 07.instrumental
08 heroin
09.there she goes again onion
11.there she goes again
13.i'll keep it with mine 14.european son
15.get it on time
16.i'll be your mirror

Velvet Underground - EPI 1966 NOV. 3 - 7, 1966: THE EPI TOURS THE MIDWEST.
The Exploding Plastic Inevitable show did a short tour of the Midwest, with Paul Morrissey acting as road manager. Some of the venues paid less than $1,000 a night. Nico was now sleeping with John Cale. Warhol did not accompany them on this trip. From the end of October through mid-December the EPI played various dates in the Midwest, the East Coast and Canada.
Velvet Underground - EPI 1966:
1. Melody Laughter (31:26)
2. Femme Fatale (3:10)
3. Venus In Furs (4:52)
4. The Black Angel's Death Song (5:05)
5. All Tomorrow's Parties (5:21)
6. I'm Waiting For The Man (4:44) 7. Heroin (7:00)
8. Run Run Run (9:06)
9. The Nothing Song (29:35).
1-9: Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus, Ohio, November 4, 1966.
"Direct from original master". Nice rendition - complete show, good sound - of the famous Columbus 1966 EPI show, supposedly from the original tape.

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