Monday, September 1, 2008

Raga Mishra Pilu - Alap (streaming audio)

Balaram Pathak - Sitar
Vinode Pathak - Tabla


Anonymous said...

Is that the Alap from the Ocora album of Balaram Pathak? The full album is available in the Ocora thread over at, Classical/Jazz/World section.

: said...

didn't know that site,

Balaram Pathak - Sitar
Vinode Pathak - Tabla
Raga Mishra Pilu
HM 90 C 558 672


Sanjeev K Kulkarni said...

Please post more such audio lists. I guess this audio is from that hungarian radio site. Pls post more from there if any Indian classical music is available there. Thx...

Tod said...